Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week ending 02/01/2015

Monday - 21mi - 02:32 - Long and fairly fast. Kept an even effort but pace came out to 7:15 average after a warm up and hitting every hill downtown Olympia + Ellis Cove.

Tuesday - 14mi - 01:55 - Easy on the Chehalis Western Trail.

Wednesday - AM - 5mi - 00:43 - Easy on the treadmill.

                     PM - 10mi - 01:22 - Warm. Then 12 X 1/4 Mile hill repeats and 5K effort with 2:00 jogs Cool.

Thursday -    AM - 4mi - 00:35 - Easy on the treadmill.

                     PM - 13+mi & 2Kft EG - 02:05 - Easy/med effort on the Guerilla Running Hillbilly 1/2 course.

Friday - 4mi - 00:35 - Easy on the tradmill. ITB flared up, so I decided to back off and take an easy day.

Saturday - 9mi - 01:08 - Intervals at 6:00/mi pace. Fast enough to get the legs moving, but not fast enough to risk any set backs. Warm. Then .25mi - .50mi - .75mi - 1.0mi - .75mi - .50mi - .25mi at 10MPH with jogs in between. Cool

Sunday - Rest and probably crepes.

Total: 80 miles - 10:05


I've been incorporating a lot more road mileage into my routine and I've really been enjoying it. I spent the last 3+ years living in mountain towns (Tucson, AZ and Ashland, OR) and didn't get any faster chasing vert. Everyone's body is different and tons of vertical gain definitely works for some people, especially if you're running mountainous races, but for me it didn't seem to work out so well. I don't really mind that I didn't get fast in those mountains because I saw some of the most beautiful views and sunsets you can imagine, but this year I'm ready to kick my training up a notch or at least try something different.
I figure that I will try my hand at increasing my training volume by adding more easy miles on easy terrain and also increase my speed by doing key speed and hill work outs on the roads. I really enjoy the repetitive nature of intervals and measured hill repeats anyways, so I think this is going to work out well for me.
Another reason I want to work on speed and turn over is that 90 to 100% of the races I run are in fact runnable. I mean look at Orcas Island 50K -  8,500 feet of vertical gain!!! But, besides one big climb, it's all runnable. I mean the guys winning this race are dropping a low 04:20 finishing times. They're running.

So that's that. I hope the miles are treating you well!

Chehalis-Western Trail

Waterfront - Downtown Olympia

Rock Candy Mountain Trail - Capitol Forest

Trees on North Rim Trail - Capitol Forest

Don't forget to save time for the people you care about the most

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