Friday, August 24, 2018

A week in Kauai 08/13/2018 through 08/19/2018

08/13 - Easy along the beaches and through Wailua - 7 miles / 50:57

08/14 - Tried to hammer up Sleeping Giant from the hotel to get all of the Strava segments in one go, but only ended up with two! Still a glorious run. I love Kauai so much. 80 something degrees and 70% humidity. 7.7 mi miles / 1,334ft / 01:04

08/15 - Back up Sleeping Giant, down the back side and back up. Snagged one more segment and had a really great time. Got to see the sunrise from atop the mountain! 7.1 mi / 1,785ft / 01:11

08/16 - Down the Kapaa bike path along the ocean. So calming. 10 mi / 01:06

08/17 - Sleeping Giant from the hotel and then some beach running right into the ocean. Snagged one more segment. 85 degrees, 75% humidity. 8.2 mi / 1,345ft / 01:12

08/18 - Kapaa bike path again! Saw the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. 85 degrees, 77% humidity. 12 mi / 01:25

08/19 - Kapaa Bike path. 80 something degrees, 92% and the cloud cover broke. Got pretty sick on this run. Was sick all day! Totally worth it. Gorgeous. 12 mi / 01:27

Totals: 64 miles / 8 hours 20 minutes / 5,102ft

My volume has been nowhere near where I imagined it would be this summer due to wildfire smoke in Southern Oregon. We're going on 5 weeks of unhealthy air quality in the valley and there's only so much work I'm willing to put in on the treadmill. This vacation was a much needed break!

I still hope to live in Hawaii one of these days. That dream may have to wait until Jordin goes to college, but it's still a dream, and I love having dreams.

I am blessed to live the life I do.

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